What You Can Expect


You will get individualized attention for each photo session you book with Parker Portraits to capture your family, wedding, baby session, senior session and any session in-between. We work with you to get the best images to create memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. Like most professional photographers we shot in RAW, a file format that records all data from the camera’s sensor. This type of file requires post production work and provides the best image quality for your enjoyment for years to come.

Follow Todd’s lead and come in with an open mind and be ready to have all the attention placed on you. To be honest, a professional photography session takes a little work and can sometimes be intimidating, however, try to follow Todd’s instructions and try to have fun because this is really all about you. After Todd has photographed you and yours either in studio, on location or outside, Pam then selects the best images from each session. Pam has a great eye and wonderful attention to detail, so the images you view are the very best ones that Todd captured. The images with the best smiles and the most flattering poses – she is able to select all the best images from every single frame that Todd shot. Those selected images are then kicked upstairs to Addison, our graphic designer.

Addison then processes the RAW images and adjusts the white balance, exposure and color of each individual file. Those files are then turned into Photoshop files, were more post production work is completed. Here is where skin blemishes are retouched, eyes are brighten, skin tones adjusted and other neat Photoshop tricks applied. Finally the images are turned into JPEG files for you to view and select your favorites from.

After we call you back into the studio to view your images, you then select you favorites to purchase prints or digital images from. Again, it’s Addison that completes your order. She designs your custom panels and books, retouches your favorite images to bring in the sky, remove power lines or on rare occasion swap out heads to digitally make the best portrait possible.  Prints are ordered or files are sent and every order is different and every order is personalized to what you want and you need. Thanks to the technology we use, nearly anything is possible.

The entire process takes some time, but it’s worth the wait. These aren’t the same images taken with a cell phone or even by your best friend’s cousin who has a digital camera. The images you view have been crafted by a team of three people that do this for a living and that understand file formats, composition, processing, posing and how to create an experience and memories from your photography session. We are proud of our craft and work hard to provide you with the best images and prints possible, photography has become a combination of technology and art and we have both sides covered.