Halloweens Past

Halloween has always been a magical time for many. With pumpkins carved, treats gathered and the mystery the evening holds, it’s a favorite time of year for children and adults alike. When I was a little girl my favorite Halloween costume wasn’t a vampire, zombie or even a Goodwill Store hippie but, it was a something that my mother created for me. I was a tall child with an uncontrollable and thick red curly mop of hair and thick glass perched on my nose; the glasses¬† made masks difficult to wear and face paint nearly impossible too since I always complained that it itched.

My mother, the creative woman she is, made me an affordable and memorable costume that I can still envision today, even though there are no photographs the costume is a clear image in my mind. I do, however, wish this memory was captured on film. Imagine, if you can, a tall skinny red haired girl about 10 or 11, dressed in a bright yellow sweat shirt and matching sweat pants with hundreds of black and orange spider rings safety pinned all over. I had a cloth mask, that doesn’t hold a very strong memory but, those spider rings and that bright yellow sweat suit – I can still envision it today, even though it was over 20 years ago.¬† I wish there was a photo…..

This year bring your kids to Parker Portraits,1038 Pearl Street in Columbus, Indiana, during trick or treat hours (5pm – 8pm) and get a complimentary digital download of these years creative and memorable Halloween costume.

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All treat, no trick!
Addison, the graphic designer