Why We Don’t Use CD’s Anymore

Technology keeps on changing and keeps a digital based businesses like us, a photography studio on our toes to keep up with user standards and to keep our workflow moving. For the past couple of years we have emailed single images when requested and used a cloud based storage/sharing system for multiple images with great success. It’s easy to make changes, get the images out to our customers sooner and it seems to be more instantly gratifying. You receive an email with a folder invite and like magic the images you ordered and need ASAP are downloaded on to your personal computer, your phone or your tablet and can be shared easier, printed from easier and even moved to a jump drive with great ease. The quality is the same as the images you would receive on a CD but, you just get them sooner and you’re more than likely just going to put the images on your desktop anyway or, let’s be honest, misplace your CD or even toss it in a drawer and forget all about it.

Recently we ran into an issue where a couple of images were missing on a CD order or even wrong images all together. Until just last month, we offered CD’s of sports images as part of our ordering options and there were mistakes. Things happen….the wrong image was burned to a CD and then delivered to a customer. If we had used a cloud system those images would be replaced and the order corrected within an hour of our knowing there was an issue. So, while we are eliminating CD’s an a ordering option, rest assured that we are just moving forward and keeping up with how technology affects all of our lives and when it works, it works out really well.

Customized USB drives will still be used for larger orders like weddings where hundreds of images are bought but, when we need to share just a couple keep an eye on your email and you’ll get your images much faster and without the hassle of waiting on new CD to be burned and then waiting for the call to come pick it up. Keep an eye on sports photo order forms for change and technology willing, everything will work out just fine. Matter of fact the last three personal computers I have bought for home use, didn’t even come with an optical drive it seems that cloud storage is the way of the future.